Mass Notification and Emergency Communication (MNEC) system

n.Form Mass Notification

In designing a Mass Notification and Emergency Communications (MNEC) system, the four critical elements to include are: Reach, Clarity, Redundancy and Reporting.

Reach is about coverage to 100% of the intended audience to inform and instruct.  Reach can be visual and/or audible throughout the entire facility. 

Clarity is the degree to which the intended audience understands the message they are receiving.

Redundancy is the system's built-in fail safes. An MNEC system should be able to not only notify you of a compromise in the system but it should ensure 24/7 operabilitiy with a redundant signal.

Reporting capabilities for the system provide real time notifications should the system be tampered with, fall off-line or if the integrity of a system component is compromised.  Alert messages are automatically triggered so that issues can receive immediate attention.