Advanced Sound Masking Systems

Lencore CrossNetOneâ„¢ - Sound Masking

SpectraSource Inc in Atchinson, Kansas, offers high-end sound masking systems. We use Spectra sound generators, with each unit's volume and frequency optimally adjusted to mask noise with ambient sounds.


Spectra generators can effectively mask sounds for up to 20,000 sq. ft. A set-up sound masking system requires different tuning for areas of mixed use, such as rows of private offices alongside open plan areas. Another example would be open ceiling reception areas juxtaposed with low ceilings over work stations. Spectra generators can accommodate every kind of area acoustic composition with ease.

Units Placement

The units hang in the plenum area above the ceiling where they are unseen. Digital sound radiates from the top of each unit to the deck above, which then reflects back down into the space through the ceiling tiles. Essentially, the plenum becomes a giant non-directional speaker, with the ceiling tiles serving as filters. The result is a smooth, uniform sound with ± 0.5 dß variance.

Open Areas

In open ceiling areas, the units can be painted to match other exposed hardware, so they are virtually unseen. The frequency contour can be adjusted to project harmonious sounds, which also compensate for the lack of acoustical tile filters.

PA and Music Integration

Paging and music are easily integrated. Because the sound is non-directional, uniform, and high quality, the paging and music capability are outstanding. Voices are clearly heard without being too invasive, loud, or soft across spaces.


Unit Durability and Warranty

Our speaker units require virtually no maintenance, and are manufactured with high levels of recycled content within strict environmental guidelines. They carry full 10-year warranties.

The Spectra i.Net

The Spectra i.Net network system has all the capability of a stand-alone Spectra sound masking system plus increased capacity for customization and performance. It uses an open platform system with a multi-drop network
that can be tuned through a network, LAN, or wireless handheld remote. The network system is ideal for spaces
measuring at least 20,000 sq. ft.

Speaker - Sound Masking

Spectra i.Net Features

Up to 1.5 million sq. ft. can be covered with just one Spectra I.Net system in place. Additionally, customizing sound in small areas is simple and does not require too much change in hardware. The system's paging feature can accommodate up to 99 zones, and has the ability to combine portions of multiple floors in a single zone.


High Dependability

A single speaker or component failure has no impact on the rest of the system. Full diagnostics and tuning can be done from any PC on the network, even off-site. No third party software is required. Access to the network is via IP address and a password. Also, replacement fixes are easy, since the system uses standard connection cables. A full 10-year warranty is provided with no ongoing maintenance required.

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